Who we are?

Smirodava SA Roman is a factory with experience in manufacturing of flat knitted garments, with 30 years of uninterrupted activity. This was possible with a competitive management supported by professional staff.

The main activity is the manufacturing of pullovers, waistcoats, jackets, dresses, twin sets and other similar items in a very different range of knitting. The production is made in the own space(area of 8000 sqm); Smirodava maximum capacity is 50.000 units/month, 90% being for export.

The products are made based on the own designs, or in CMT based on the models supplied by customers. With a professional sampling department, that permanently tries new raw materials, new structures of knitting and cuttings trended with international fashion, Smirodava has a well defined style and own personality, our name being recognized on knit-wear market.

We are using yarns of a very good quality from Romania or from UE(Spain, Germany, Italy and other). We are using cotton, wool, mohair, viscose, acrylic, and blends(wool blended with silk, alpaca, in, acrylic and the cotton blended with natural silk, viscose, linen, acrylic). We are giving a particularly importance to the use of quality and trendy accessories (beads, staples, zip fasteners, buckles, buttons).

All the suppliers are well selected on exclusive quality criteria and promptitude in deliveries.

All through the years, the managerial team was continuously preoccupied of the increase of productivity; reducing the costs through permanent investments in equipments of last generation. In the center of the managerial politics was the permanent attention and preoccupation for the satisfaction of the requirements, of the exactingness and expectations of the customers. In order to assure a high standards of quality through the products and the jobs offered, we have had implemented the Quality Management System the Quality ISO 9001: 2001 since the year 2004.

Thus, the garments are the high-quality and delivered readily, to the terms agreed through contracts, confirmed appreciation through the absence of the denunciations and, through uninterrupted cooperation with many companies.

We are kindly waiting for you to become our customers!

Object of activity:
Production and sale of the knit-wear garments in Romania and on the external markets.

Year of establishment: 1977.

Markets exports: Germany, UK , Spain, Italy, and Belgium.

The property: 100% private; Shareholders.

Number of employee: 320 (2007).

Turnover: 3.3 Mil euro.

Exports: 95% of the capacity.